Volkswagen Microbus Concept Revived, Model To Join Autonomous EV Models

387664 17: Volkswagon’s new Microbus sits on display April 14, 2001 at the New York International Auto Show in New York City. The show will run through April 22nd.
(Photo : Spencer Platt/Newsmakers)

It has been ages since the car industry saw an update to the Volkswagen Microbus models. However, it has been recently announced during the Detroit Auto Show that the brand would recreate the concept and would be an autonomous EV model. 

A few weeks ago, the brand already announced that they would be creating a Volkswagen Microbus Concept. However, no further announcements were made with respect to when the company would start production, when it would be available for purchase, and what features it would present. However, during the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen confirmed that they would create a microbus revival which would share the trending automobile feature of today – autonomous EV models. 

As reported by Auto Blog, the modular of the Volkswagen Microbus concept would be different from its previous make and models. It would have an I.D. Buzz feature by 2020 which would be space-efficient. Its measurements were said to be 194.6 inches for its length, would be 77.8in wide, and 77.3in tall with a wheelbase of only 129.9in. 

Its size has been likened to the European T6 transporter pegged as the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle basic van design and would have the short and long wheelbase T6 yet wider. Furthermore, its would have 162.5ft of cargo capacity for its interior while its trunk would be 6.1 cubic ft.

In other news, Automotive News reported that the model would be available in different powertrain options, would be able to produce 268hp and would be installed with an 83 kWh battery pack. Like EV models, the Volkswagen Microbus Concept vehicle would likewise be chargeable with an 80% capacity for 30 minutes using high-energy recharging systems and an autonomous driving mode. The Volkswagen Microbus concept vehicle’s interior would have seatbacks of foldable center-row seats which could transform into tables, will have third-row seating, and could likewise stand as a bed. 

The company announced that the Volkswagen Microbus Concept vehicle could possibly be named as the VW Bus and would be perfect for campers who love to park and sleep in their vehicles – just that the updated versions has improved comfortability passenger experience, would be an autonomous EV model, and would be installed with several technological features.

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source: Auto World News


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