On Review: Why Is The Volvo V90 Cross Country The ‘Intelligent Alternative’ For SUV?

The streamline long roof design of the 2018 V90 Wagon seems to attract interested buyers. Check out why this is the “intelligent alternative” for SUV.
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Volvo has reinvented its V90 Cross Country and claims to be “more beautiful than ever!” Analysts consider this new vehicle as the “intelligent alternative” for SUV.

The Volvo V90 Cross Country has celebrated its 20th anniversary as an all-wheel drive system. Car Enthusiasts can recall that the first AWD car that Volvo introduces was the Volvo 850 Wagon which was released in May 1996. The following year, Volvo launched the V70XC, which was the first Cross Country model.

Remote start is perfect for Canadian weather. But the #V90 Cross Country stands out as it is. Pre-order yours: https://t.co/0NzKvKGMxY pic.twitter.com/LPApzoopuZ

— VolvoCarCanada (@volvocarcanada) January 11, 2017

Breaking the usual cross country SUV image, the Volvo V90 came out with an elegant shape resembling the normal sweet car yet possesses the strong capacities to combat the road in all types of weather conditions. Designed with the right space, yet not the bulkier and taller size of the usual cross country SUV, the Volvo V90 is deemed as the “intelligent alternative” for those who do not want an SUV, CarBuyer has noted.

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When the new Volvo V90 Cross Country was tested by AutoExpress on a snowy road in Sweden, the car performed with stability and security. Despite the snow-covered track, the steering turns to be direct and light, especially with the aid of its Drive Mode Selector.

It was also noted that there was just little noise during the test drive. The D5 diesel remains quiet while in a throttle and just simply required a lower gear.

Meanwhile, despite the shift with the emergence of electric vehicles, the AWD Volvo V90 will still benefit from this latest technology advancement. According to Henrik Green, Volvo’s Research and Development senior vice president, “Electrification will bring ever more flexibility to AWD.”

Green explained that just like what happened with their XC90 T8 Twin Engine, flexibility is evident where they have the electric rear-axle drive unit to power up the rear wheels. As they progress with the utilization of full battery electric vehicles, Volvo can envision more potentials to control each wheel and motor separately, Auto123 reported.

source: Auto World News


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