Motoroso: Platform To Share Dream Vehicle Projects Using Wefunder Crowdfunding

Motoroso is a platform to plan, build, and share your dream vehicle projects. Sign up today to join the evolution of the aftermarket. Follow your favorite brands including Ducati, Ford, Porsche, BMW, ADV.1, Edelbrock, Forgeline, Optima, Xpel, and many more.
(Photo : Motoroso/Youtube)

The market network for auto and moto enthusiast community Motoroso builds and share modification projects for vehicles. Recently, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign with Wefunder that has a unique aspect that differentiates its platform from the traditional crowdfunding platforms like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter.

The campaign comes with an exciting announcement of a new partnership with North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Its fundraising project will assist the development of the company’s distinctive automotive and power sports community which include new features, functions, increasing traffic and revenues. After hours of the launching, the campaign reached more than 20 percent of their funding goal.

According to the founder of Motoroso Alex Littlewood, the company has introduced a new way for gearheads, brands, media, and service providers to document their automotive interests. Motoroso offers freedom for their users to share a visual story of their vehicles by selecting from the content with an image to tag videos, articles, and products.

Littlewood also added that with their simple tool of drag and drop, one can add an interactive layer to an image for them to tag the numerous parts that come with the vehicle. He describes this as a new and easy way to make and explore contents for automotive. He also emphasized that aside from the investments, it’s the community’s support towards their mission that means a lot to the team. It gives him the motivation to work hard on the said project that he is already passionate about.

Motoroso has attracted over 350 profile brands after the company has finished its TechStar’s accelerator program that took place in Detroit and also has more than 60,000 images uploaded and tagged. The automotive company’s crowdfunding with Wefunder enables supporters to obtain a stake in Motoroso and share the rewards when the company reaches its financial success in the future.


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source: Auto World News


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