Manual-Only BMW M2 M Performance Edition Leaks

BMW’s dealership ordering system appears to have leaked the upcoming M2 M Performance Edition ahead of its official introduction, reports BMW Blog. Under the ordering code ZL9, the 2017 BMW M2 M Performance Edition will be only available to U.S. customers with a limited run of only 150 units.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the rumored BMW M2 CSL, but rather an M2 that’s been lightly modified with BMW’s M Performance parts. Included in the M Performance Edition are manually adjustable sport seats, basic keyless entry, automatic climate control, black mirror caps, black grill inserts, black side gills, M Performance illuminated door sills, and LED door projectors.

In terms of performance parts, the BMW M2 M Performance Edition will receive an M Performance exhaust system with titanium exhaust tips and an M Performance coilover suspension. Unlike the standard M2, the M2 M Performance Edition will only be available with a six-speed manual transmission. It will also be equipped with the M Driver’s Package, which ups the top speed to 168 mph from the standard 155.

The BMW M2 M Performance Edition will also only be available in Alpine White. Also leaked was the car’s price of $61,695, an $11,000 increase over the standard M2. As we get to know our Four Seasons 2017 BMW M2, maybe we’ll look into getting some of these parts to for our.

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What wasn’t detailed in leak was when the BMW M2 M Performance Edition will be hitting dealerships. But, given that it has already hit dealership ordering systems, we’re confident that BMW will release more information soon, so stay tuned. Hopefully, BMW will announce the M2 CSL soon as well.

source: Automobile Magazine


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