Chrysler Portal Concept: All-Electric Minivan Preparatory to Full Autonomous Driving

Image of the fully autonomous all electric car as conceived by Chrysler Portal Concept.
(Photo : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles/YouTube)

There have been rumors that Chrysler will introduce an all-electric car at the Consumer Electronic Show at Detroit but what consumers will see is the Chrysler Portal Concept. This is a presentation of what the company foresees in the future of electric cars and autonomous driving.

That there would be cars capable of autonomous driving is certain but the time table for its final fruition will depend on the R & D that car companies are presently undertaking. According to Green Car Reports, Chrysler has come up with the concept on how the company will develop an electric car capable of self-driving.

Recently, Chrysler has launched the first plug-in hybrid minivan in the market. Named as the Chrysler Pacifica, the car has 16-kilowatt battery that has been rated by EPA with a range of 30 kilometers. The company has now a basis for planning an all-electric car self-driving car of the future.

In Chrysler Portal Concept, the dream electric car will seat 6 passengers and will have a rated range of 150 miles from 350 kilowatts of stored battery power that can be recharged in less than 20 minutes. The concept will be portraying how the interior of the vehicle will be arranged since the ultimate goal is for the car to have full autonomous capabilities.

The present level of development in self-driving is in level 2, where the car is self-driven in most highways but still requires the intervention of the driver. Level 3 is achieved when there the driver is no longer needed to monitor the autonomous operation of the car.

Level 4 is achieved when all the technological advances in sensors and algorithms are already installed in the car for autonomous driving. Level 5 is when the car can travel on its own without a driver or self-drive the car while the passengers are asleep or doing something else. With these developments, consumers can expect that some cars like Chrysler will attain full autonomous status in the near future. 

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source: Auto World News


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