Best Cars Of 2017 News And Update: Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Vs. Z06

Back in the 1960’s there were a handful of lightweight high-powered Corvettes that raced in Le Mans. These models were called the Grand Sport. Fast forward to the 1990’s and GM revived the Grand Sport nameplate. With a price of $65,450; the 2017 Chevrolet Grand Sport Coupe offers an amazing performance deal.
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Chevrolet fans are getting more excited as Chevrolet announced its 2017 line-up. Presenting the Corvette Grand Sport and Z06 that boasts of its 7th Generation Corvette Series 

Chevrolet introduced the Corvette Grand Sport which is said to promise “a purist model that leverages a half-century of motorsports success”, which is according to the manufacturer. The Corvette Grand Sport adopts the wider tires, wheels and suspension components from its earlier burlier variants.

It is directly in-between the Z06 and standard Stingray models. While this model shares the interior of the Stingray, it has an output of 465-lb ft torque and 460 hp which has been engineered specifically to have a great track duty. It also has suspension and chassis improvements that assure comfort and safety to its passengers. Its tuning delivers excellent results because of its 60 mph acceleration in a whopping 3.6 seconds. It also bursts in a quarter of a mile in just 11.8 seconds – which can be considered as one of the fastest and best-handling sports car in the market.  This is a great companion for those who want to exercise full track potential and maximize the car’s performance.

The Z06, on the other hand, is Chevrolet’s ultimate expression of great performance! It is the fastest sports car that General Motors ever built. It is supercharged with a 6.2 liter LT4 engine, with 650lb feet of torque and 650 hp. The vehicle weighs 3,350 lbs. It is said that it can finish a quarter of a mile in just 10.95 seconds – if a driver will be able to find the right traction to have its power managed. Its suspension, tires, and wheels are just the same with the Grand Sport. However, its standard brakes and aerodynamic kits are bigger in order to accommodate the increased performance of the vehicle.

Indeed, Chevrolet once again hit another milestone with its Best Cars of 2017. Owners need to choose the car that suits them well.

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