Audi A3 Killer, The 2017 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet; Five Things to Hate

The 2017 Mercedes C class Cabriolet dashboard.
(Photo : CarWow / YouTube screenshot)

2017 Mercedes C class Cabriolet car seats.

(Photo : CarWoW / YouTube)

It is the Audi A3 killer as others would refer to it. It can be the first Mercedes-Benz coupe you can own at a somewhat affordable price. Now let’s look into the downside of this promising sports coupe.


What are the pros of buying the Mercedes-Benz 2017 C-class Cabriolet?

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There is still, however, a lot to like about the Mercedes-Benz C-class Cabriolet. It has creative storage spaces. The boot room allows adjustment. The driver’s seat allows for a comfortable drive. This compromises the legroom in the passenger’s seat.

There is a wind deflector at the back that allows you to enjoy the ride without being bothered by too much air. There are hot-air blowers at the driver’s headrest that comes handy during winter.

It has an automatic seat-belt assistance. The steering-wheel adjustment is automatic. 

It also has a discreet parking-rear camera hidden under the car’s emblem at the back. The intelligent lighting adjustment can also be considered as a safety feature.

The good of the C-class Cabriolet has been highlighted. It is time for it to undergo scrutiny.
 [CarWow / YouTube]

There is no external boot release

The lack of external boot release will mean you’ll need to have your keys, then proceed to the driver’s area to open it. This would be inconvenient. Should a passenger not have one hand free, you’d have to temporarily place the stuff elsewhere. Get your keys then open the boot from the driver’s side.

The cheap looking manual sun visors

Mercedes-Benz luxury reputation just doesn’t quite add up to these ugly sun visors. They need to go. It is just a deal-breaker in the aesthetic aspect of this sports coupe.

The scratch-prone break-glass trim

The glass trim design on the handbrake is sleek. However, the hand brake’s glass trim makes it scratch-prone. To allow transparency, perhaps a mesh cover or lining would have been more suitable. If the attention was to make the compartment underneath visible.

There is not enough passenger-seat headroom

The back seat is just not intended for adults or tall teenagers. There wasn’t enough legroom as well. However, it can comfortably secure a child’s car seat at the back.

The rear parking sensor is obstructed by the wind deflector


This is just a minor setback. It could have been made better by perhaps adjusting the design just a little further to the back.

We’ve enumerated the good points. The not so discouraging downsides have been laid out as well. This is a chance for improvement for the carmaker. Now, it is up to prospect buyers to decide on whether to buy this Coupe or not.

SOURCE: Auto World News


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